Best Free Movie Streaming Websites To Watch Movies Online!

Hi there again. If you are wondering there is no catch at all! It’s just like the title is saying  best free movie streaming sites without downloading them to your hard drive. A fast&enjoyable journey to your favorite movie. And who wouldn’t love that? You all know  the wandering that all normal people do finding what they want finding it, especially online free movies, at the ‘palm’ of their click:).  It’s a time-consuming process and time is priceless,especially in today dynamic’s of our life.

So what are the steps ‘golden rules ‘ to take to reach your favorite movie? Do you prefer logging in? Nah! Considering payed subscribing? I don’t think so :/. Do you want to end up in a site, redirecting  you to the other World’s end? Nope.. Or gives you a “sorry video cannot  buffer” at the beginning, or worst in the middle of the movie. It’s like having sex in you room and your Mom catches you at the Climax. As funny as can be, these are common while fishing our favorite movie on the “Wild Wide Web”, except for the mom thing of course:).

So without further ado, either you are on your  iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone, Windows PC, Mac, and so here is the  best free movie streaming sites, read it, click the one you like and find your favorite movie onClick (like and share on the social networks icons if you love it, or leave a comment your likes and dislikes.


LimeTube  10Watch movies online on limetube

Let’s start with the bestFirst impressions: A excellent preview, and that means you get easily what you want! Stream free your movies be it a old one or a new one, or stream tv shows online, is easy and you just need to type in its name in the search box. The genre option is there and is nicely pre ordered in the left panel, together with the movies category, and underneath it tv shows category. Click on a preferred genre and choose from the movies shown.We loved the top 50 meaning the most popular not just movies but also TV shows together! On the right panel you can get info on the most viewed movies and the release year option for searching on limetube. Click on a movie, log in and enjoy streaming movies online! Keep it up!

Cinematic 10

Starting with the best streaming site is really a ‘piece of a cake’ review! What we first liked is the logo, a modern ‘stone-age’ icy style design. Also the did a good job with the grey-blue color over there. Excellent preview that gives a vast easy too look for a favorite movie or Tv series. New releases are presented at the top which in fact is the most wanted category on the market of movies. Press the recommended movies the hit movies are shown in a second within a time-frame. The genres category has a nice long panel, just click on a genre and sort your movies in ‘comedy’ let’s say, or you can always browse your favorite movie by typing it’s name in the top-right search option. Check out your favorite movie you get to know the imdb ratings, starting stars, director and it’s votes on imdb. You can watch the full trailer on the trailer tab under the movie, or check out the synopsis of it. You can choose to download or stream a favorite movie so a all in all movie streaming site! Watch those new cinema movies on Cinematic and enjoy. Keep it up!

Vodlockerx  9.6

Now here’s something to talk about. Vodlockerx famous to many of us, and we will start from the first impression’s on the menus. They say the first impression is the most important and it’s true! What we liked about the menus is a category named ‘Last added‘ (you cant miss it, it’s the first one in order) it show’s the newest movies added, of course every streaming site offers the new movie’s on it’s home page, but it’s the one we liked from the rest of the menus. We selected the first new movie to see how the process ‘flow’s’ , and after clicking  the HD version of the movie and Up’s an obstacle! It asked from Us a registration. A little dash ‘with our golden rules’ but we were soon to find that the signing up process is simple and fast (no email confirmation acquired) , so not a big issue here, we can look across our fingers  you but not a clear 10. Thumbs up for the folks over there!

MyDownloadTube  9.7

At first impression a slow loading of the page, even with a speedy optic bandwidth! All this with a reason. It’s the rich&dynamic content of the page, that make the page load slower i suppose, nevertheless like we said a rich content full with a menu that really we didn’t check it at all, because the  if you scroll down the page the categories that you will find are enough. ‘Featured movies, most popular movies etc..’ are enough so you can find your way to a wanted movie. What we liked is the panel under the top menu, giving info on the newest releases from the movie ‘kitchens’. A ultra HD quality movies. A free&paid service! We would classify it as a favorite!Keep it up!

Primewire 8.9

It’s a high ranked page for free streaming movies, with a reason. There’s rarely a movie you cant find on this page! By just clicking a movie on the fine ordered home page featured movies, recently added movies, or choosing  the parameters for different genre of movies, you get a nice short info on the movie(if you don’t know it already), date of release, imdb ratings on the movie, the main actors, the producer of that movie and other info. If you want the best experience in this site, it’s best to register(email confirmation included) and just search for your favorite movie, select your host&quality of the movie(there are tons of it) and enjoy watching! 9.9

A simple but dynamic movie streaming site, and a pleasant & functional menu, where just by hovering with a mouse on the categories, it shows  the parameters(genres, year of releases,) that you desire and so finding your favorite movie. What we liked is the ‘Countries’ category, at the time of writing of this review it didn’t work, but we are sure that’s a small bug, and will be up and running at no time. Also what we find it elegant, it’s the mediumbig slider that show’s the movies in trend, with a short description on the right. Click on your favorite movie, select your mirror-link to watch and that’s all! ps. Some mirror-links can lead to a product, or installments for your device, but don’t panic just try all the mirror-links(there are a few), and your movie it’s there! OnClick movies with keep the really wonderful work!!!

Movie4k 9.8

Now there’s a giant on sight!  A very often updated free movie streaming site, with a category we really didn’t came across at other movie sites, the Cinema movies,  serving to the big screens at your home.  So we really enjoyed reviewing this site(also the Why is that?! Well except for the annoying ad’s(a man gotta make a living:) ) in no time we were watching our movies!! To be frankly, we didn’t even try the register option. During our review’s we try the easiest way if it’s possible to get to the movie , after that the registration and other ‘obstacles’. Here is your movie site dear Visitor, just few clicks away from your movie!  

Vumoo 10.0

Vumoo a mid-low popularity site?! We really can’t stop wondering why is that. This will be the shortest review! We entered the site(no registration needed), ‘stuffed’ with movies, clicked on ‘the good dinosaur'(it was the first one), clicked the button play luckily just one ad,on the second click the movie started. Up,  you have a short description on the movie, and a download button that we didn’t tested it,after all we are looking for the  best free movie streaming sites -notice – streaming, a download button is just a plus. A clear 10! Your movie 2 click’s away!

Losmovies 8.5

We did go to this web site, and we will serve you its pros and cons:

Pros-Find movies by your favorite actor,producer, contry, 3D movies, large variety of movies of all genres, click on your movie, open the player and watch&enjoy!  Cons: Too much ad’s popping up, also we tried streaming a movie, and there are really a lot of sources for streaming and qualities of the movie, just need to find the working one( a short process :/). A mid-high review on you ( and the next time we wont be such generous)!

SolarMovie 9.0

A different approach is that one of SolarMovie. Instead of ‘stuffed’ movie layouts in the home page, they implemented  a search box for your favorite movie. We clicked on the movie categories , out of the ordinary menus that you can find in the other Top best free movie streaming sites we find the ‘Coming soon’ category and we liked it! It show’s the new movies that are to shown in the big screens ,and can be watched in SolarMovie in the near future! So select your movie, short description about the movie, the streaming in HD links, the trailer of the movie, all nicely sorted in efficient way!



This is just a mild review!

Yep. A mild review on the best free movie streaming sites,  promising  that we will  update very often our reviews, and please leave behind your feedback is of big importance to our reviews, so leave a comment  and follow us on the social networks for latest updates.