Fashion Movies with Style

When it comes to style, movies have some of the most interesting fashions. Random movies pay a random attention on fashion. Movies with topic on fashion are rare. Yet some movies deserve to be called fashion movies. Here are a few picks of stylish/fashion men and women from movies in the past two decades, up until modern times.

Movie Men in Fashion Style

Crank (Jason Statham) – In Crank, Jason Statham plays Chev Chelios, a professional hitman racing to save himself from an early grave. If his heart rate slows too much, a specially engineered poison will instantly kill him.

Jason’s acting runs a narrow gamut of suave, antihero to breakneck tough guy. He doesn’t take no for an answer. He doesn’t believe in impossible; he jumps through windows, races cars off buildings and puts Spiderman to shame with his insane movie stunts.

He’s also one of the best dressed men in modern movies – he wears striped, elegant suits and shows he isn’t afraid to get dirty. We like the charisma and confidence of his presentation. The champion amongs fashion movies.

Jurassic Park (Jeff Goldblum) – Jeff Goldblum’s neurotic, smart and suave personality perfectly reflects his clothing style: leather jackets, sleek narrow rim shades, and an open-dress shirt. An array of loose formal wear that conveys his spirit of ease and luxury. Sean Connery, with his part in Bond, can’t compare to the natural ease which Jeff Goldblum often portrays, in style and essence.

As far as the movie, Jeff plays chaos mathematician Malcom, who’s alluring and mysterious at the same time.

The Matrix (Keanu Reeves) –  Keanu Reeves as Neo in the Matrix, an iconic film where clothing defines the alien nature of our protagonist’s environment: The Ralph Lauren worn in the cab scene is minimalist, functional, postmodern. They are the expression of the strangeness of the truth he has found and must live with. Neo, played by Keanu, is a hacker who seeks answers too dangerous and frightening for most.

Skyfall (Daniel Craig) – Daniel Craig as James Bond, raises a glass of champagne to style. He’s frequently dressed in Armani suits and presents himself with dignity and power. If the suit helps him look strong, it’s because the shades of suits and dress shirts Hollywood designers choose for him, perfectly fit his form and nature. A socialite, a charismatic persona with mystique, the James Bond remake recounts yet another MI6 tale.

Movie Women on the “Trends”

The Huntsman Winter’s War (Charlize Theron) – Sometimes fiction inspires reality. With The Huntsman Winter’s War – the ladies Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain are chock full of style that’s fantastical and awe inspiring. Albeit, the CGI special effects help them look their best – the gowns worn by these actresses really catch the eye and make the tale a mesmerizing flick to see.

Florence Foster Jenkins (Meryll Streep) – A rich New York heiress wishing to become an opera singer pursues her dream, despite a poor singing voice. Florence Foster Jenkins played by Meryll Streep may be an odd choice, but in an old-world sort of way, she has style. Perhaps akin to Queen of England, with charming dresses and period-style dresses sported by supporting female actresses.

Gossip Girl (Blake Lively) – Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, a CW TV show about the glamor and relationships of well-to-do American families, Blake Lively as Serena, is often dressed fashionably and sensibly. It’s easy to like the show for its fashion sense, though some choices can be too outrageous for a quiet stroll through the city. The roles these younger ‘heiress-type’ actresses play are a good fit because they’re actually well-to-do –of course, their rich fashion sense could have told you that!

Mad Men (Christina Hendricks, Betty Draper) – January Jones as Betty Draper and Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris. In the 1960’s based ad agency TV show, are dressed elegantly for their time. Their fashion sense in the show may have inspired more retro style choices in other Hollywood stars, as the Mad Men TV show was quite a hit while it ran.

Any other favorite fashion movie? Write it down. We’ll take a peak 😉 .