The Light Between Oceans | Movie Review

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Introduction: The Light Between Oceans movie review

The life of a woman evolves in a lot of things; but most of us women, wants to build a family, a complete one if possible. It is the dream of most women to be able to give birth, and sometimes, if this area will fail, it will lead to lots of reasons why marriages collapsed or fail.

Some women, feels that giving birth is the thing that can make them feel complete as for them, the womb is endowed for them for the purpose of procreation. But what if you really cannot bear a child no matter how hard you try? What would you do? What would you give up in the name of having a chance to become a mother?


Tom Sherbourne signed as a lighthouse keeper in Janus Rock, a tiny island off point Partaguese with the Australian Harbourmaster right after he left the service in WWI. When he reached Point Partaguese, he met Isabel Graysmark, a beautiful young woman, and they fell in love.

Tom moves to Janus Rock, married Isabel and take her with him to live in the lighthouse. They love the life that they have, but their happiness came crashing as Isabel miscarried for three pregnancies.  She felt then that she was a failure in her role as a wife and as a woman, and she retreated into very severe depression.

One afternoon, Tom discovered a boat that was wrecked on the beach. Inside was a dead man and a crying infant. Tom right away took the baby girl and give it to Isabel, who takes care of the child as if it was hers. Tom wants to report the incident, but Isabel convinced him that the baby was given by him. So they buried the man and named the baby, Lucy.

Lucy grew up to be a beautiful and loving child. They were now ready to bring Lucy to the mainland. In their time there, Tom learned that a local name Hannah Roeenfeldt is in search of her husband Frank and 2-month old daughter Grace. Tom then believed that the one he discovered on the shipwrecked boat is the family of Hannah. Isabel disagree on the idea of Tom telling Hannah the truth.

Two years passed and Tom cannot hold his silence and told Hannah through a letter that led to police search and Grace/Lucy’s return to her biological mother.  The story then continues to be a fight of both mothers as to where the child should belong.

The story ended up with Isabel died after her battle with cancer, Lucy- Grace came to express condolences to Tom. She forgave them for she knows they love her and she was seeking to make peace with Tom.

light between the oceans movie review


The Light Between Oceans is based on the 2012 novel from M.L. Stedman, and was a romantic period drama written and directed by Derek Cianfrance released last September 1, 2016. It received a varied review from lots of critics. According to them it was the best adaptation of the material itself and very well acted but sometimes movie adaptation of a book is not as effective as it is to be read.

Some critics thought that this is also something refreshing or something new that is worth to take a look into and spend time reading or watching. Moreover, some critics gave a generally favorable review, on the average side. Meaning, it is not a flop nor it is a huge success.

the light between oceans movie story


Summary of The Light Between Oceans

I’ll try not to be biased about it, because I am not a fan of heart-crushing stories. The story itself is depressing paired with also a depressive setting. It is actually also very moving, because no matter how easy it is for us to say always choose right over wrong, you cannot say that the same clearness of mind can be attained for someone who is very desperate enough to have a child.

They are actually good people, who just happened to make wrong decisions because of love. To Isabel, loving the idea of having a child to make her complete and loving the child like her own. And for Tom, for loving her wife so much that he lost his reasons to just give in to what his wife wants.

The whole story was well portrayed by the actors and actresses. I just had some minor concern, I feel they could do something more at the last part. The ending part seems to be not enough, I mean, it could have done better at least. Because the whole storyline is very sad, and it remained dull and gloomy until the end. It is simply tragic and it is like telling the readers or movie viewers that there is no real chance of any happy ending.