Where to Watch TV Shows | Solved!

Watching tv shows online free has never been so accessible due to technology. Technology is changing the shape of the world as we know it, every day literally! A big entrance huh? Not at all! We depend from desktop PC&laptops, our jobs, social life, education, entertainment etc., it has come to our habit finishing all of our needs on them. So free TV show streaming websites? Where can we find them? Everyone wants to watch his favorite show, and not to ramble across the ‘wild’ wide web.

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We present you a list of List of Tv Shows Websites, and our reviews about their pros and cons.

LimeTube  10 !watch tv shows online on limetube

LimeTube is one of the best movie and tv shows streaming site out there for sure! It provides a top quality tv shows streaming. For sure it has a nice layout and a dynamic site with lots of features included in it. Visit the site check the ‘TVShows’ button in between the ‘Movies’ and ‘News’ tabs and off you go. You will find the recommended tv shows to stream, and underneath this section the latest ones. A simple ‘drive-by’ on your favorite tv shows without missing the favorite one. It has a solid database of tv shows and all the time upgrading. Click on a tv show, you get the length of a serie, imdb ratings, producers, awards (nice info) and read the synopsis of the specific tv show. Also choose your season, simply sign up and enjoy. You can choose to share with friends and family on social networks, or to leave a comment. Quality video streaming, no ads simply watch and enjoy your favorite tv show. A job well done!

User interface: 10 !

Design: 10 !

Critique: / 


MovieWatcher  9.5 !