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Anonymous (2016) Movie Online Review

Why you should watch Anonymous (2016) online for free? Read up… Anonymous or Hacker as it is otherwise known is a movie from the Kazakh director Akan Satayev featuring Callan McAuliffe from “I Am Number Four” and “The Stanford Experiment”. This movie is about a guy who’s in need of money and eventually falls in the hands of the darkest side of the web; “The Dark Web”, which is presented in this movie as a dull and fantasized reality of what it really is, like almost the whole rest of important details in the movie.

A movie made with the thought of creating a little insight about what “hacking” really is, but in an awful and very misleading way. The director tried to create a sort of “interesting” idea of what hacktivism is, but it failed in delivering the right information and ended up just showing a dull movie with zero real facts about what really happens in reality with that side of the internet.

Anonymous (2016) Online Movie – Isn’t The First One Of It’s Kind

As we already know, this is not the first movie trying to portrait what hackers do. However, even when there are a lot more of this kind of movies, there is no place for marginal and misleading content inside a movie that’s trying to deliver information about things that may not feel important right now, but can actually be pertinent to know what and how they really are. So, as we’ve said before, being misleading and giving misinformation is not something that could be passed in today’s cinema as a good try, but rather as a fail – a big horrendous fail.

Synopsis – Anonymous (2016) Free Movie Streaming

The movie portrays the life of a guy named Alex who’s in need of money because his mother is fired and can’t work anymore,photo representing a hacker so he tries to find new ways to have an entry that could help his family get out of the bad situation they’re in. Well, he finds a way… the “Dark web” – a mix between the online movieAnonymous” hacker’s group and the, of course, the  dark web, but portrayed as a webpage for people in need of money, or better put – in search of problems.

Here we see the first problem with this movie. At comparing this movie with a great TV series like “Mr. Robot” that actually portrays the real hacking world and deliver a lot less misinformation, almost none, and being  a lot more interesting, with better acting and directing, this movie just seems like a waste of time. It portrays a fantasized version of Mr. Robot, like a children tale but with some “real” crime happening, but it just seems dull and boring.

Big Corporations Targeted!

This guy, Alex, the main character, joins a hacking group and starts stealing other people’s money by selling stolen goods and sometimes doing some credit card fraud. However, the big plus of the movie is when they eventually start hacking big corporations (Alex has a good reason to do this, as his family has passed for a real calln mcauliffe actorhard time because of corporations), as a way of portraying the anti-corporate mind of the hacking groups that can be encountered on the internet. Alex did this with the help of two other hackers, Sye(Daniel Eric gold) who is a really skilled hacker and Kira (Lorraine Nicholson), an expert hacker who just wants to do her thing.

Moments later we see how Alex forgets about his “making money” purpose and starts having problems with Kira. After some dull scenes, we see how the director tries to explain in other ways the real “hacking” world, but fails with just so much elegance that it seems like he just want to portray the luxury living of the main character and his friends, and forgets about the real power and potential a group of hackers should have.

The movie then changes its direction, showing Alex just trying to meet “the creator” of the dark web, as it was something awfully created to destroy the world and he’s the owner. This is one of the biggest lies and missing points of the whole script. This would upset anyone who really knows what hacking means and the dark web is like, and not only for the misleading facts but more of the dull and stupid way it was portrayed.

Learn Hacking via Anonymous The Movie 🙂

learn hacking with anonymous

The movie online for free Anonymous ends with an “explanation” of what this world of hackers is all about, and this was the final and most upsetting action the movie has. It looks like the worst decision ever to include in a movie about hackers, how the director chooses to explain something that is really important in today’s world, and not just give any real sense of purpose to the main character and actions being taken in the movie, making it look just as a total joke.

This movie is almost the reason of why hacking groups are not as famous as other activists. Because the world’s misleading information reigns and if you have a movie trying to portrait the people who are in part actually trying to deliver the real news about the world for everyone but you just make a dull and fantasized movie version of those people, it would just be seen as a waste of money, time and potential.

The movie goes from a guy who wants to win money by acting against his enemies to deliver a very wrong piece of information about what the world of hackers is. This is just a waste of potential and a horrible use of a really interesting subject, a movie to forget. Every potential “black hat” hacker should watch Anonymous (2016) movie online free to get familiarized with the possible consequences, and turn over to the ethical side of hacking.


  1. I watched the movie supposing that it has to deal with a documentary about Anonymous, but I was totally wrong!

  2. The movie is much better than I expected!

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