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Batman V Superman: Dawn of justice review – Marvel blockbuster

The Story in Batman V Superman prevails the effect in it!

Zack Snyder’s Black and Blue joined together against the sick Lex Luthor human mind

Batman V Superman: Dawn of justice review

153 min  25 March 2016 (USA)  Action, Adventure, Fantasy    7.3 imdb ratings

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of justice review – harder as it gets!

Let’s be honest with ourselves. For all of those who have seen it we haven’t seen a movie like this in a while. Seems like watching ‘War of Worlds’ movie at the beginning with the apocalyptic going around’s in Gotham Batman’s. Two marvel heroes caught in a movie now this is truly a clutter. Dilemmas appear as the movie plays, about what the hell is going on? Is Superman(Henry Cavill) still a good guy? Is Batman(Ben Affleck) being egoistic? Is Luthor(Jesse Eisenberg) that much smart to play the both heroes, which we have grown up with? Perhaps they did a really good job keeping viewers in the dark and lots of eyeballs open on what is going on.

No movie director has ever directed such a tough project and daring to mix heroes with lot of ‘luggage‘ of stories and plots and spinning them together like Zack Snyder did. For those wondering it succeeded just look at the box office earnings (but not as much as ‘Man of Steel’).
Batman V Superman: Dawn of justice review

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice story

The ordinary start that we are used too in almost every ‘Batmovie’ recalling his parents story and falling in a cave with bats and inspiring his actions in life, is well associated with the end of the movie when Batman spares Superman’s life(their two most beloved person in life is called Martha). The plots are installed from Luthor junior good ol’ enemy of Superman, in which Snyder framed him with evil geniality crooking down Batman and Superman in a hate game. Alien ship ruined the Wayne Corporation building, and the city raised the question is Superman any good, Bruce started to loath Superman while Luthor was giving fuel to the fire blowing up senate committee with Senator Flinch in it, also with Superman  invited in, and should of been a Superman’s sort of a ‘trial’ where he comes clean. But tricky unmerciful Luthor plants a bomb inside a wheelchair of his ‘stunt’ in the committee. Superman got the bad audience Luthor wanted, Batman gained on his hands the kryptonite he needed to kill ‘evil’ Superman, the kryptonite that Luthor men found somewhere in the Indian Ocean and imported back to Usa for his purposes on killing Superman.

While the puzzle continues to muddle, evil mastermind Luthor gains accesses to alien ship assured from Usa government and brought to life a alien mutant with a mission to assure killing Superman if Batman failed. After a epic fighting with lot of muscles and rocks and shattering buildings Batman and Superman reconcile with Lois pointed out to Batman that Martha is the ‘mother’ of Superman and ought to be saved from Luthor previously kidnapped. This touched too much Batman reminding him of his killed mother Martha. So a more epic battle advances with Luthor’s mutant where Batman and Superman get help from Superman’s kind Wonder Woman(Diana Prince) and nail him with a kryptonite spear that Batman prepared to kill Superman. Superman stabbed the mutant alien sacrificing his life, while Luthor ending up in prison threatening that the bells are sent out in space for evil help. Of course Superman did die but the director shows a scene in the end where he isn’t that dead as we think.

The idea in Batman v Superman mingled well

The idea? It’s a all in one fantasy action with lot of thriller moments in it. Try defining Star Wars and Mad Max: Fury Road, this is even harder! The universal elements Evil vs Good is there, perpetuated in visual&characters elements, devastating city, nukes exploding in the sky, the space, batmobile strong Superman powers, ‘tanked’ Batman, also the ‘itchy’ mumbled tricky Luthor, the aspiring journalist Lois in love with the Man of Steel, and the butler Alfred(not in his best edition). The diversity of overhauling the Marvel heroes in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice just made the scope wider for enjoying Marvel Comics heroes movies again and again.

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  1. It is too much, and it is not enough. In short: Nobody wins.

  2. I had no good expectations from this movie that’s why I’m not disappointed!

  3. Why you guys are hating this movie? This is the best movie i have ever seen!!

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