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Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Movie Review a All in One Superhero Recipe for Summer Entertainment!

captain america civil war movie review

Anthony Russo,
Joe Russo

Script Writers: Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Mark Millar

Cris Evans (Captain America),
Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man),
Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow),
Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier).

6 May 2016 (USA)

Full cast Captain America : Civil War

Marvel heroes into chains? Don’t think so!

Movies without problems to solve aren’t movies. Be that heart-breaking love stories, or frightening to death horror movies and even the comedy movies run around solving problems within the family or society. But chaining up our movie heroes that we have grown up with now that’s a big NO-NO for the mighty UN. If it wasn’t for problems like Hydra in the previous Captain America we wouldn’t be watching a movie at all. It’s called a problem to be solved. Who would thought that our heroes (plenty in numbers in the movie) would kneel down to this world government perpetrated in the Sokovia Accords ordering the heroes not to carry operations without their permissions especially after the African ‘aftermath’!captain america civil war online movie review

The Backbone Story of Captain America: Civil War!

Hmmm…Where do we start from..

Superhero mingle in a big size blockbuster package. Wreckage stuffed with effects in combination with known faces featuring also known Marvel Book Comic heroes is a deadly hit! Greater than that with the mutants in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice review! Way to go Rusoo’s you nailed it this time.

After some innocent lives went in avail from the collateral damage made by Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, Scarlet Witch in African Nigeria the UN intervened with a so called Sokovia Accords tying the heroes to the ‘bench’ meaning entering a game(mission) only via their permission and seen fit by them.

The ‘resurrecting consciousness’ Iron Man, takes the side and maybe finally understands that waving and flying hasn’t any part with hero-ish attitude but it’s all about saving innocent lives! So “to be or not to be” to sign the agreement or not? That’s a ongoing dilemma between Steve Rogers, Iron Man and the rest of the crew while the Captain like always sharp minded lies deep in ‘dwell’.


“We may not be perfect, but the safest hands are still our own”

A quote from the Captain explains the jungle undefined mess they’re into. The script writers have done a good job keeping the viewers in the dark and pulling the carpet under their foot, when they made everybody think that the Captain is going over to bring his lost friend back. The fight that occurs in the movie is fantastic with everyone having a trick & power under the sleeves. Spider Man (Tom Holland) isn’t the old emotional righteous brave boy we know way back, since the geekiness with a ‘last resort’ role and definitely not his movie and just contributed in stuffing the movie in a way.

Black Panther Bright Future!black panther captain america civil war

On the other hand Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) complies with the Avengers like a ‘cover to a pot’. Fast, smart, quick idea man and reaction feels like he has been with the crew from the start. Not to much to say about Black Widow except for the impression in which the ego and style of Scarlett Johansson is more important than the Black Widow her self and that’s enough said!

Like we mentioned before the weight of hero making ‘art crafts’ is handled over Iron Man ending up with not so much the role of wealthy master-crafter tech-superhero all in one with the ‘playboy’ stuff over and there. But keeping the humor side of the movie is in ‘safe hands’ with Downey Jr. :

[after witnessing Scott transform into Giant-Man] Okay, anybody on our side hiding any shocking and fantastic abilities they’d like to disclose? I’m open to suggestions.

while the Captain is conflicted with his own self about the decision he needs to make and fighting against his friends.

The final kick towards the end is more emotional, and doesn’t give the action ‘feeling’ like in the first scene at the airport where nets, shields and other super tricks were thrown. The last scenes were more tough and serious where every punch counted. Nice job Anthony & Joe! They sure did confuse the audience in which comic book are they in the moment of watching, but frankly with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie opening the high-way for this almost independent ‘genre’ it’s all coming very amusing. In the end it’s all about watching a movie and these blockbusters are complying with desires of many viewers, to watch something different.

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Captain America: Civil War movie review made hard!

Lot of Captain America: Civil War movie reviews (like here & here) laid down interesting facts about this movie. From all said it seemed that the previous Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (DeadPool isn’t even in the list) was almost a walk in the park towards the difficulty of bringing together unique superheroes with lot of independent trilogies behind them and gearing them in one script! Why not when the backbone of the movie is Mark Miller?

Alban on 19.05.2016


  1. Most ‘pumped’ Superhero Blockbuster EVER!

  2. I totally loved and enjoyed the movie. Civil War is one of the best films I’ve ever seen.
    It has drama and good action sequences. The characters are great and they make you
    understand the motives of each of them. Simply great!

  3. I’m honestly confused about why everyone is absolutely loving the movie, even though, the only good and developed character there is Captain himself.

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