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Mad Max fury road to Oscars Awards 2016

The Fury Road to Oscars Awards 2016

Mad Max fury road opened the doors not just to the ‘thirsty’, but it also did open the road to Oscars awards 2016! 

Scroll down to see Mad Max fury Oscars Awards 2016 nominations.


Mad Max Fury Road

George Miller was the most mentioned name in US on May 15 2015. It was the resurrecting day of Mad Max:Fury Road starting with Tom Hardy , the astonishing Charlize TheronNicholas Hoult, and of course the cult leader Hugh Keays-Byrne as immortal Joe. A lot of reviews are written for this movie, a lot of comments on May 15 2015 where made (check imdb ratings). We watched the movie on the cinema and since then really it’s hard not to ‘go back’ and re-visualizing the emotions and pictures. We watched it in 3D over and over again, and it was like 5 times since it came on the screens. 


Mad Max fury road to Oscars Awards 2016

Mad Max: Fury road strongest message to humanity!!!

A high-octane pursuit and war on the desert road, between the unbalanced forces, where the ‘bad side’ outnumbers the ‘good guys’ in weapons, crazy armored old timers, trucks and of course ‘walhalla’ kamikaze boys, who die in serving to immortal Joe. The story has a touching angles with our reality, just the diversity of means presented in the movie varies of course! The ‘ who’s got the water well’ winsit’s not far from mind. The predicted upcoming wars are concrete just for that! The Furiosa – Charlize Theron – runaway with immortal Joe’s wifes inside the belly truck, towards the promised land also is a everyday reality, but the strongest message to us humans, is that there isn’t a promised land. We need to change the environment where we live, rather then pursuing the false one in our imagination!

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Mad Max: Fury road stands alone in its genre!

The effects and the environment of the movie are astonishing! The sand, blood, brave walhala soldiers, bombs on top of a spear blasting here and there. The ‘fury road’ maintains an offbeat sense of humor packed together in action-sad story with lot’s of sacrifices. Like when Walhalla boys blindly faithful to Joe chrome their mouth and die for Walhalla. Drums and guitars, jumping and rambling over trucks and armored cars, shootings, spears, riders on motorcycles in the style of ‘aliens and predators’ jumping from cliff to cliff, great acting from great actors and a great story in the background has made ‘Mad Max: Fury road’ nominee for 10 academy awards!

Mad Max: Fury road Oscars nominations 2016

1. Best Picture 

2. Cinematography 

3. Costume design  scored!

4. Directing

5. Film editing  scored!

6. Make up hairstyling  scored!

7. Production design  scored!

8. Sound editing  scored!

9. Sound mixing scored!



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