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This fictional character of the Marvel Comics was originally born with name “I”, and was temporarily known was “I”. He’s a superhero brought to life by Archie Goodwin. The character of Luke Cage appears for the first time in mid-1972, in the comic Hero for Hire. He was the first afroamerican character of Marvel to become a superhero and having his own name in a comic book. The last name of this character was adapted by the celebrity Nicolas Cage, who uses the last name of the character to differentiate from the other celebrities with the same last name, including his uncle Francis Coppola.

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Carl Lucas was a man born in Harlem who grew up committing minor crimes along with his best friend Willis Stryker. As time passed, Lucas found eventual jobs in various legal jobs; however, Stryker became a professional criminal by intimidating local stores and offering them protection. Both friends fell for the same woman, the beautiful Reva Connors, who seemed to be more attracted by Stryker’s dirty money. An enemy gang delivers a hit on Stryker, who managed to survive thanks to the action of Lucas. During the recovery time of Stryker, Lucas and Reva became each time more intimate with what back then was a friendship. As Stryker found out, he proceeds to an outrageous revenge action leaded by his jealousness, where he plants 5 pounds of heroin in Luca’s residence and calls the police to inform them about the drug, which led to the arrest and jailing of Lucas. During his prison time, Lucas finds out that Stryker was killed during another hit delivered to Stryker by enemy gangs, and swears vengeance upon his former friend for locking him up and causing the death of Reva.


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While in prison, Lucas explored the different ways he could possibly use to escape from prison, which led to his transfer to a maximum security prison in Georgia, known as “Little Alcatraz”. After many frustrated escape attempts, sweat, blood, and tears, Lucas manages to escape from Seagate and swims all the way back to the shore. After arriving in New York, Lucas starts his quest to find Stryker, during said quest, he uses his powers to become a superhero and join other heroes in the fight for justice, facing multiple villains and challenges.

Story & Characters

The character of Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter) is an ex-convict that had superhuman powers. His abilities featured unbelievable strength and an extremely hard skin that can’t be penetrated, and he takes advantage of them to bring justice and stop evil. Luke obtained these powers from an experiment gone wrong; being Luke’s superpowers the results of the experiment. After obtaining his powers, Cage uses them to escape the facility and goes to Harlem in an attempt to recover his former life. However, Luke must deal with memories from his former life and struggle with crime to restore the balance of his homeland.

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Besides Luke Cage, Marvel planned some other main characters for the TV Series to be aired on Netflix. These main characters are:

  • Cornell Stokes: Alias “Cottonmouth”, this character is played by Mahershala Ali. His role consists of a Cornell who is involved with illegal money businesses in his nightclub, “Harlem´s Paradise”. He’s the Vito Corleone of the series, as described by the actor, and he’s also an alternate superhero in the plot. The writer of the show, states that there’s certain resemblance of the rapper Biggie Smalls in this character and that he inspired this character; also stating that him and Biggie where very close friends.
  • Mariah Dillard:Played by Alfre Woodard, this role consists of a small politician who wants his city (Harlem) to be a better place. Despite being cousin of Stoke, Mariah is not much of a criminal unlike her cousin. Besides the law, her main dedication is her family, to which she has strong feelings towards (her cousin included). Alfre describes the whole role of Dillard as “the smartest pieces of writing I’d ever come across”.
  • Misty Knight: This hot cop interpreted by Simone Missick has a determination for justice and balance, she looks up to Lukas Cage as her role model. This character is describes as “A completely independent character, she has her own story and does things her way. Her number one priority is serving her city, giving her absolute best for them”. Simone fell in love with her character, saying that “Misty has faith in the system, despite of the… things…that make us doubt the system, she guides her life based on it”.
  • Shades Alvarez: This character is related to Luke’s past live. He was also raised in the streets of Harlem, developing early skills as a minor criminal throughout his childhood. Alvarez grew up to be one of the best criminals of the streets, being extremely quiet, clever, and manipulating. The character was given to Theo Rossi, who describes the role as “the ultimate opportunist”. He’s known for wearing his dark glasses the whole series
  • Rafael Scarfe: Considered to be Misty’s mentor. He’s a rough cop who rides along Misty. The role is played by Frank Whaley, who describes it as “the perfect team for Misty, sharing both respect and affection in their relation”. As soon as he met Misty, he saw her potential and showed her the way to get the most out of her talent”.


The series was originally meant for Netflix, and so it was. It was confirmed briefly after Marvel obtained back the rights of Luke from Sony. The main target is to give the series a length of 60 episodes, but the total might depend on the feedback from the public. So far, 2 episodes have been directed and 5 more are in queue to be filmed and released in the first season during September 30th, 2016:

  • Moment of Truth– Filmed
  • Code of the Streets– Filmed
  • Who´s Gonna Take the Weight?
  • Step in the Arena
  • Just to Get a Rep
  • Suckas Need Bodyguards
  • Manifest

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