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Movie Apps for iOS without jailbreaking!

Movie apps | on iOS no jailbreaking included!

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After the Android movie apps review we altered towards iOS. In this review, the team here has made an excellent review on which are the Best Movie Apps on iPad and iPhone and other iOS devices? And ‘streaming’ isn’t in the unknown words of the manual. It’s in the users mood, throughout apps or websites to stream movies they want. Why downloading and overload your “best friend” when you can watch them online? But the trick is, even the best streaming websites or movie apps are rarely found, and i mean for the free ones. Occurring bad movie apps that simple don’t do what they are meant to do, is common. So read our review and don’t wander. Find out the movie apps for iOS without jailbreaking, and go for them!

Movie HD app for iOS  9.9 !

Free movies online for iPad

We just cant get enough from this really wonderful app! Again like the experience in the Android OS, the design and user experience is icy, and immutably you get what you want. To ‘land’ on a wanted movie, simple search it by its name or the genre choice. This app provides TV shows also, so you get all in one spot.

ios movies for freeBy selecting a movie, usual info is shown for it the genre, release date and a short description on what’s about. On the videos tab(a great job done) select to download your movie, again a all in one feature, and a ‘watch now’ choice. Go for wanted quality and enjoy. ‘With every good thing there is a bad side’ like the quote says. To run Movie HD app on you iOS device you need to jailbrake it(not always!). Actually we don’t know even if we can name it a bad side, minding that there’s a ton of jailbraked iOS devices, who have seen lot’s of benefits of jailbraking. Of course that’s not the topic here, so it’s up to you the user to decide. Follow the steps needed to install Movie HD app on your iOS device in their website. All in all a great, wonderful app for streaming movies on iOS devices. Keep it up!


Download Movie Box iOS App 10 !

 free movie apps for iphone

Don’t get confused! MovieBox is the iOS version of Showbox android app! If you click on the heading ‘MovieBox’ it will lead to their website with all that has to do with this app, and believe us everything  they say it’s true. Just download MovieBox app for your iOS device, mark it as a trusted app, when prompted by iOS and install it. Whether it’s non-jailbraked or jailbraked MovieBox simple don’t care. So the installment went smoothly, the design is on a high foot, the user can immediately accustom on how things work at MovieBox. Finding your favorite movie in HD is the least of a problem. Search it on the ‘search box’ or browse the popular movies or latest. Free Tv shows are there on click away! Check ‘my downloads’ choice if you left a movie or a tv show to download.

Best app for watching movies on iPhone iPadCheck the rating of a movie, genre, release date and layout easy. If it’s a new movie for you, just go for the trailer and get familiar with it. Streaming your movie by quality parameter in low, medium or high is a piece of cake. If you’re interested in downloading MovieBox app provides the size of the movie or TV show in mb, making it easy to you to manage the bandwidth, if you’re running low with it. Finally click watch now and you’re done! A total free movie app, with all the preferences that should contain, and no doubt the users of it, will be contented at all time. Thumbs up for the king in free movie apps for iPhone and iPad and other iOS devices category!


Sky HD movie app for iOS 10 !

iPhone movies for free

Sky HD is the iOS brother of PlayBox HD android version. Follow the steps on their official website(click the heading) and Sky HD is yours to have. Simple instructions and off you go. A delightful menu and user experience, even the most oblivious iOS users can’t get lost. Find your movie by entering its name or by genre. Except for the movies and TV shows you can watch cartoons. Great news for the youngest members of our families.

Movie apps free for iOS devicesClick on a movie, read on what’s about, and see its genre. Under the short info click the movie name to stream. You can turn on captions if you want, and change the quality of streaming while watching.

Another great feature is the download option. Download Movies or TV shows without any problems at all, and storing it to your hard drive to watch it again and again. Sky HD supports chromecast too. We strongly recommend Sky HD on any iOS device. A great app! Keep it up Sky HD!




Don’t bother jailbreaking! Go get the Movie Apps for iOS

Without this review, the category about movie streaming apps would be empty. At our ‘wandering’ around, finding those 3 best movie apps for iOS, we searched and searched and tried a bunch of movie apps. Indeed these apps are quite unique, and they execute the concrete thing for which you have installed them, and that’s streaming and downloading movies and tv shows for free and even downloads!

Have you tried these apps in the review? Or you plan on trying them? Leave your considerations in the comment section below and tell us, it means a world to us, and help us ‘overhaul’ our reviews from first hand.

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  1. This totally works! I’ve just completed install from Windows 10, IPhone 6. Thanks a lot!

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