The Light Between Oceans | Movie Review

the light between oceans movie story

Let’s go for a classic review in a step by step form. Introduction: The Light Between Oceans movie review The life of a woman evolves in a lot of things; but most of us women, wants to build a family, a complete one if possible. It is the dream of most women to be able to give birth, and sometimes, if this area will fail, it will lead to lots of reasons why marriages collapsed or fail. Some women, feels that giving birth is the thing that can make them feel complete as for them, the womb is endowed for …

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Terminator 2 in 2017 | Liquid Metals in 3D

Terminator 2 in 3d- a picture of him on a motorbike

“I’ll be Back” it’s True! He is back. 11 years after promising to be back, Arnold Schwarzenegger stays true to his word and the amazing Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D will grace your screen in 2017. Studio Canal’s recently released announcement poster of the movie is a thrilling representation of intrigue and splendor; Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 stands majestic and proud, with a keen eye contact on an object we are not shown. The Terminator franchise shakes off the departure of the award-winning director of the 1991 classic after Terminator 2, James Cameron and hits new pinnacles with the movie when …

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Bored of Trump & Clinton demagogy? Presidential Election Films!

USA presidential elections moviesposter of the Purge Election Year 2016

The American presidential election draws closer, with only a little more than two months until the big day in November. With all this drama and media hubbub perhaps you’ve decided that it might be better for your sanity if you watch a fictional presidential drama to escape the details of the real one. Luckily for you, there are a number of great movies concerning presidential elections. Every election is always a roller coaster affair, the perfect topic for an intense movie about scandal and political intrigue. It’s no surprise then that are so many different kinds of movies that center …

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Marvels Luke Cage background roundup!

photo of Luke Cage actor

Character This fictional character of the Marvel Comics was originally born with name “I”, and was temporarily known was “I”. He’s a superhero brought to life by Archie Goodwin. The character of Luke Cage appears for the first time in mid-1972, in the comic Hero for Hire. He was the first afroamerican character of Marvel to become a superhero and having his own name in a comic book. The last name of this character was adapted by the celebrity Nicolas Cage, who uses the last name of the character to differentiate from the other celebrities with the same last name, …

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Will the Return of Pokémania Bring Us a Pokémon Movie?

the picture is about pokemon movie

Pokémonia Go Retro Invade! The first time Pokémania shook the world back in 1990s, it soon after led to the release of Pokémon: The First Movie, the franchise’s first theatrical release. Movie studios knew that releasing a movie involving the characters during the height of its popularity would mean a commercial success. And Pokémania is back. On July 6th, software development company Niantic released the free app Pokémon GO for first iOS and then Android devices. The concept of the mobile game is to allow users to act as trainers and catch Pokémon as they walk around in real life. …

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