Mad Max fury road to Oscars Awards 2016

Mad Max fury road to Oscars Awards 2016!

The Fury Road to Oscars Awards 2016 Mad Max fury road opened the doors not just to the ‘thirsty’, but it also did open the road to Oscars awards 2016!  Scroll down to see Mad Max fury Oscars Awards 2016 nominations.   George Miller was the most mentioned name in US on May 15 2015. It was the resurrecting day of Mad Max:Fury Road starting with Tom Hardy , the astonishing Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, and of course the cult leader Hugh Keays-Byrne as immortal Joe. A lot of reviews are written for this movie, a lot of comments on May 15 2015 …

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Kick fresh in 2016!

mad max fury road to oscars 2016

Enjoying Life aka Entertainment! The kick off 2016 has yet started, nevertheless Paramount, Universal and other Production Movie “Kitchen’s”, they just can’t stop attacking us, in entertaining sense i mean! Because of these production giants typing watch films, and movies is maybe the first thing we type on our search engine, especially when we find that bit of a spare time. Hello!!!! Gentlemens like Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Micheal Bay, Tim Burton (sorry that i missed the others it’s a long list) can we please go and get some Pop Corn, and then of course watch the movies?! No really folks let’s get …

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