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Sicario the movie review – the reality next door!

A Denis Villeneuve war on drugs thriller casts the way on stage!Sicario full movie review online

Sicario the movie review : A glimpse on our back yard ‘ferry drug tunnels’ chronicles

Sicario refers to the killers in ancient times who used kill invading Roman soldiers in Jerusalem. Slipped out of control from the drug traffickers hired assassins (Latin: sīcārius), soulless killing ‘machines’, crafty at weapons and fields MVP. That’s how we defined them, the ultimate choice of Latin America mafia! Sicario the movie brought to us by Denis Villeneuve, for the distinguished script the credit goes to Taylor Sheridan, treats the war on drugs or better said the war on mafia which is a more wide synonym.

Sicario the movie had its premiere on October 2, 2015, and it’s highly rated among movie critics scoring 7.7/10 by imdb 93% from Rotten Tomatoes, and 81% from Metacritic.

A righteous heart equipped with courage reflected in the character of agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) an FBI agent, in a aftermath from a raid against a safehouse of the mafia in Arizona, she gets to team up with a elite unnamed task force to fight the mafia, consisting agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) and ‘agent’ Alejandro (Benicio del Toro). What she will find out in a step by step ‘get to know’, will change her principles of going by the book!

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The real chaos in Sicario and dealing with it for the greater good!

The skepticism of agent Kate to join in with this task force is overridden by her will to bring to justice the big fishes from the Mexican cartels, responsible for lot of criminal deeds, but also the freshest kick was the killing of her two fellow agents. In the extradition mission from Mexico to US her first assignment with this yet unknown task force, she perceive the brutality of the mafia and what shes up against. Dead bodies hanging, mafia cronies prepared to die for their bosses, Mexican police officers crooked from the mafia working for them. Once heard now seen!

Her suspicions on her new colleagues on how they get the job done and their methods rise by the day. The freedom given to the cartels inside the US laundering their money and not arresting for a greater purpose of course, somehow can’t get inside agent Kate’s head! The shady agent Alejandro who in fact is a ‘sicario’ hitman collaborates with the US agencies to kill a dangerous cartel boss that killed his family. Black ops missions, torturing, and missions in other state are conducted all in the cover of FBI agent Kate in a sense of warranty and legality under the US laws.

The explanation that agent Matt gives to agent Kate says it all. A controlled drug traffic in small measures, is better than a unleashed one. Insuring the monopoly to a one cartel and eliminating the other cartels is for the ‘greater good’. Sicario did gave us a ‘backstage image’ of the twisted criminal-real-world and sometimes agents like Matt and their ‘dirty’ methods must be there to handle outlawed situations.




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  1. A great film in all genres: action, thriller, spy films, war movies and even political.

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