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Top 3 Movie Apps Android Devices

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Do you love Android OS? A known answer! You love to watch movies on android, but cant find a ‘satisfying’ app? Check out the best review on the Top 3 Movie Apps Android devices , and wont get lost never again! Your favorite movies are very near from you, with these definitely best movie apps for android!!!

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ShowBox 9.9 !

Top 3 Movie Apps on Android DevicesUser Interface: 10

Design: 10

Streaming quality: 10

Critique: Can’t be found on Play Store!

ShowBox movie app for android, strangely can’t be found on Google Play store! From what we came to know from their website, they have some kind of problem, and we quote “ShowBox app has a problem with officialness” stating that they are unofficial app, and as so removed from the Google Play store. We really don’t mind that, but this creates accessibility issues (not a clear 10), especially for users that are used to find all of their apps on one spot-the play store-! The installation went smoothly, after we downloaded the apk file from ShowBox site, and indeed who haven’t tried this app, is missing a lot! A very slick, elegant, nice-preview design.

movie appsA menu at the top-left corner, after clicking on it it shows the movies&TV shows categories, your favorite list, your downloads, and a recently added music beta category. You can sort&search by genre, or year of the desired movie content on the right menu. We clicked on the first movie, there are the options in which quality you want your movie streamed, also the download button was present. We streamed the movie and everything went so smoothly.

By clicking the download button your selected movie is added to your downloads list, so you can keep track of the download progress! Also the music beta category, it gives you an option to stream songs or download them! ShowBox supports also Mac platforms, Pc platforms, Chromecast. We are more than satisfied in our experience with ShowBox app! We strongly & definitely recommend this app for streaming movies on android devices! Showbox-in one word- Get those movie free&HD at no time!


Movie HD app 9.8 !

Top 3 Movie Apps on Android DevicesUser Interface: 10

Design: 10

Streaming quality: 10

Critique: The ads at the end of the movie can irritate sometimes,Cant be found on Play Store!

Again like the ShowBox app experience we couldn’t find Movie HD app on Google Play Store. It’s our strong opinion that so much users of Android OS are going to slip from their hands this beautiful app,because of this. So we installed the app from their website and Android OS prompted us to allow installments from unknown locations. After installing the movie hd app, we were more than contented with the really friendly menu & design!

Movie HD app

The movies are easy to preview, and the first-rate menus has lots of options. Searching a movie by genre or by its name it’s very easy at the top-right corner! We were surprised with the movie panel. Rather then the popular new&popular movies,TV shows categories, we came across the 3D watching movies option that really surprised us in positive manner.

Clicking on a favorite movie will give a nice info on the movie you’re going to watch, and on the videos button, you’ll find your movie and preferred quality of the movie,and also a custom button giving an option to stream it on your installed player. We selected the HD 1080p quality and pressed play. In no time the movie started playing in fullscreenWe wish the folks at MovieHDapp all the best, and keep providing us those free movies on android!


PlayBox HD 9.9 !

Top 3 Movie Apps on Android DevicesUser Interface: 10

Design: 10

Streaming quality: 10

Critique: Cant be found on Play Store!

A great app, that deserves to be among the Top 3 movie apps on android . We kinda getting the expression that the best free movie apps for android cant’t be found on the Google Play Store lol. Let’s cut to the chase. We downloaded the Play Box HD movie app we installed it, and like a top movie app should bee, we found out that that designers have done a pretty good job on the preview&user experience, and  it’s perfect. Watching movies&TV shows like in the previous apps up is easy and a click away, but what is great, Play Box HD app is for the whole family! Yep, even for the smallest cute member of our families.

watch movies on android

You can select and watch cartoons & animated movies in this great app. Searching a movie by its title and category is possible too! We clicked to watch our first streaming movie on the app it gave a short info on the movie but no ratings for it, and what we liked is the ‘add to favorites’ option by clicking the star at the top-right corner. Under the info, click on the name of the selected movie and the movie starts streaming free for you! We didn’t saw a full screen button, but a small problem for Play Box HD app! Just rotate your phone(need to have Screen Rotation ON) and go full screen. On the streams option you can select the quality of streaming the movie, or in the movie can be changed directly. There is the subtitle option also!

We really enjoyed and had fun reviewing this app! An app that deserves to be between the main players on the best free movie apps for android list! Thumbs up!

And this is not over!

We will be in progress with the with the best movie apps for android, so all of you out there don’t get loss, you have a lot of work ahead, and will be updating our review, so make sure to stay in touch with our review on Top 3 Movie Apps on Android devices ! Leave your feedback, and tell us your experience-it matters to us-!

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  1. I love the Showbox app, it always has great new movies. I’m very pleased.

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