How to Record Movies While Watching!

Storing your movies hasn’t been a issue with these software

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It can be very annoying sometimes when you are not able to save your favorite movies for re-play and get tired of watching streamed videos. And more than that streaming media library is a boon when you can’t have access to the internet where you can still watch a recorded version of your movie anytime and anywhere. Although your favorite movie hubs do not give you the privilege of officially downloading or saving them, there is a wide range of software available for you to record streaming movies and watch them later. By the way check out where to find your favorite movies in the best movie streaming sites. Some of the best video recording applications are:

Software to Record Streaming Movies



record streaming moviesAvs video editor without any doubt is one of the video editors out there(the best in our opinion, respectively to others competitors). The screen capture we are ‘chasing’ here is it’s best feature here. The preview of the editor is excellent and you can’t get lost. Although when we tested in a i5-5200U with 8GB ram it did overload the PC  a bit but the end result is really something. Stream a favorite movie and let it record. Pausing a project is available ‘down the road’. In the end just pick a wanted quality and export it in hard drive location. It comes with a monthly subscription for a ridiculous price. It’s a great substitute for the greater video editor’s like Sony Vegas highly priced editor. Avs video editor comes with rich packed features also.

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  • JING

record streaming moviesJing is one of the best free streaming media recorders which gives you a quality recording experience. It has a remarkable GUI interface that gives you animating effects and the recorded videos can also be shared online. Even though it uses 30-60 MB of RAM in your device, its interesting features like the ability to select your preferred recording area on the screen make it the best software. The application also saves your recordings automatically to the vendor’s servers and creates links to enable public viewing. But for recording a complete movie, you need to upgrade its premium version as the free one will give you a record time of only 5 minutes. It saves videos in .swf format and allows you to capture images as well.


record streaming online moviesUsing this application, you can record all the activities happening on your screen. The recorded activities are of highest quality and are saved as standard AVI files. The application also has an in-built SWF producer that can be used to convert the recorded AVIs into bandwidth-friendly SWF videos. So from movies to other tutorial videos, you can record them all and also add captions to them with its remarkable features. It comes with Lossless Codec that helps in producing best results that too in small file size unlike other well known codecs. The best part about this software is that you can also manually select the area on your screen that you want to record. So, this easy-to-learn Camstudio is extremely helpful in recording videos.


record streaming movies with debutFor recording videos or streaming movies, Debut offers a variety of features for providing quality files. It also has the ability to record video and sound using web camera and VCR. If you want to edit any of your recorded video, this is also possible with its video editing feature. It saves your videos in .avi and .mp4 formats for easy access. So, all you need is to download this highly-efficient video recording application and then it will record whatever video or movie you want in few quick steps.


record streaming movies with vsdcVSDC another free screen capture available for ordinary mortals. After installing this application,
it is just a matter of few clicks to record whatever video or movie you want.It offers you the flexibility to save your file in any of the preferred formats. Its other remarkable features enable you to select the monitor space you want to record or whether you want the cursor to be seen or not in your recording. The output quality of the application is great and it is one of the easiest applications to use. This third-party software is the best way to record streaming movies from any of your favorite movie website and access them any time.

Alternatives are always available but finding fair costed software always is bump. Leaving a great hole in your wallet is out of the question these days. A lot of reviews have ‘totaled’ long list for this topic, but in a ‘affiliate’ sense grabbing money from readers pocket. All in all these are the free/low-cost video editors that can be used to record streaming movies.